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DISCHARGE INSTRUCTION SHEET TURN PATIENT Discharge Orders For: From: M.D. PATIENT IDENTIFICATION (Discharging Physician) ACTIVITY: For at least the next 3 weeks: NO heavy lifting NO sitting for long
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Softener, Antifungal Medicine: Antispasmodic / Stomach Disseminating Tablets Maternal and infant's blood pressure monitors A thermometer with a contact probe to ensure adequate room temperature A bottle or cup to provide a warm place where the patient can get comfortable In addition to your medication plan, you may need: An ambulance to transport the patient to the emergency room An intravenous line An ultrasound machine (to identify and remove a baby with a heart defect) An oxygen concentrator (to maintain a blood oxygen level) An emergency medical transport car (to move the patient safely to the hospital) The baby will need to be evaluated in the hospital. This evaluation may include: An ultrasound to locate a heart defect Surgery to remove the dead or dying brain and spinal cord An invasive spinal fusion or epidural anesthesia to manage the pain of the surgery Your doctor will determine what type of treatment your baby needs and give you instructions. This process can take from a few hours to several days. Your doctors will provide you with information on how to prepare. You will be given instructions, so you can feed the child, change the diaper, hold or carry the baby, give medical tests, and monitor the baby's oxygen level in the mother's bloodstream. This is usually done between 4 and 6 weeks of age. After the procedure Your baby should be discharged from the hospital immediately. In some cases, the recovery process will take a little longer. Your doctor or nurse may need to place your baby on bed rest for a day or two. This is normal. While your baby sleeps, you should follow some guidelines regarding caring for your baby after birth. You should keep the doctor's and nurse's office or hospital waiting room clean and orderly because you will be the only one there. Your baby should be given warm water and juice throughout the day. You should be given plenty of attention. If you experience dizziness, please call your baby's doctor right away. You can also call. What happens after a Cesarean? After a Cesarean delivery, both mother AND child are monitored daily while in the hospital. After the baby is born, you will be taken to the nursing room to have your baby immediately placed in a high chair and placed into a neonatal intensive care unit to heal fast. Then you must move to the maternity ward and continue your life as normal. Your baby will need to be evaluated in the hospital.
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